"It's a fab publication and I wish you every success with it. You have definately found a niche in the market, and created a 'glossy' trade mag. Love it!" 

- Gill Burn, Founder of Lady Decorators

Women in Trade is stylish, independent and exclusive women's magazine.  We are the first tradeswomen-focused magazine in the UK created by Janet Kirlew, CEO, Founder & Editor-in-Chief.

Women in Trade is really about championing real, hard-working women, helping to raise the profile of overlooked women, whether they are at work, in business or in a trade.  The whole team behind the magazine, have inspired both men and women to feel good about what they do, and educates people about different types of trades.  We also encourage more women to get into trade and have created a positive platform for them to talk about their work and their lives.  The CEO & Founder Janet Kirlew says “in creating this magazine, I’ve made something truly unique and filled a niche that wasn't being catered to before in this way.  This is the most effective publication for targeting and promoting tradeswomen and women owned businesses.”  She has helped to bring a refreshingly different approach to magazine media.  “So many publications degrade women and play on their insecurities to offer them highly expensive fashion must-haves and unnecessary cosmetic enhancements.”  At Women in Trade we help women to love and embrace their true beauty and feel good about themselves from the inside out.

We provide original content written exclusively for the magazine which includes: wellbeing, industry news, encouraging young people into STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) spotlight, coaching, self, interviews with inspirational women and more!

Established in 2012 and first released in December 2013; the magazine has been growing at lightening speed.

On our covers, we've featured inspirational women such as the founder of London Fashion Week, Lynne Franks on our Premiere Winter Edition 2013-2014 cover, former 10 Years Younger host, Nicky Hambleton-Jones Spring cover 2014, successful interior designer Kelly Hoppen, also a former Dragon on BBC2’s Dragon’s Den Summer cover 2014, former British Wimbledon champion and co-founder of Diary Dolls Underwear, Annabel Croft Spring 2015 cover, former First Lady and one of the UK's Top Barristers, Cherie Blair Autumn cover 2015, TV presenter and founder of one of the first online estate agencies Sarah Beeny Winter cover 2015.  Social Scientist and TV present Anjula Mutanda Spring cover 2015 and Jermyn Street Tailor to the stars including James Bond himself Daniel Craig!  Emma Willis MBE.

We publish four times a year - March-May, June-August, September-November, December-February.

What makes us different

  • Real women:

We interview and publish stories of real and extraordinary women and go beyond the normal fluff and tap into the real person that no one else notices.  With beautiful photography, illustrations and layouts, we only publish stories that are uplifting and that portray the struggles of those who set up their business or project. We look for stories that get us excited, and make the reader feel that anything can be achieved. We encourage young girls to get into a trade to give them a greater career choice.

  • Safe space:

The magazine is a safe platform for real women to share their stories and form long lasting relationships with others. Sometimes we can feel alone in business but when you read stories of how other women did it, you then realise that you are not alone and that you can achieve your dreams.  Networking and support in business is very important to us and we believe the magazine provides this space.

  • Holistic:

Many publications represent unattainable beauty bombarding us with unrealistic messages of youthfulness and unrealistic body images.  Women in Trade believes that real beauty comes from within.  We support and encourage women to develop their inner beauty so that it shines throughout their lives.  We approach work-life balance in a holistic way hoping that as women raise the bar for themselves that men will be inspired bringing about a new revolution that changes culture in a more meaningful and deeper way.  We give deep intuitive advice and helpful tips on how to succeed and make the right decisions.  We encourage women to work on themselves so that they can stay strong, motivated and inspired to continue on their chosen paths.

  • Intelligent:

Women in Trade give an intelligent and business minded approach to women in any trade.

  • Motivate:

Our passion is it to make women feel good about themselves.  We do this through our intuitive messages capturing the mind of the reader so that they can look within. 

  • Respect:

Many publications degrade women and offer highly expensive fashion must haves and unnecessary cosmetic enhancements.  We help women to love and embrace their true beauty so that they become more naturally attractive.

Under the spotlight

You don’t have to be into DIY or a trade to enjoy the benefits of the magazine as it simply exists to enrich lives, focusing on the positive changes that have already been made concerning women working in male-dominated industries.

Have a happy and healthy 2016!

We predict great things!